As you've probably noticed we made some big changes around here! But we've done way more than just change our site design (although it is beautiful isn't it?). We have torn the company apart and built it fresh from the ground up. We evaluated our product, our company, our customers, and our site. After much deliberation we came to several very distinct conclusions. I'm sure there will be some that are not happy with the changes, but I know we can't please everyone all the time. That's simply an unrealistic view that will leave everyone unhappy. 

In this post I want to share with you the decisions we made, why we made them, and how they will affect you as a customer or potential customer. Before I begin I should mention that these decisions were not easy and we put quite a bit of thought into each one before making this change. The last thing we want to do is upset our customers, but after considerable research and interviews we decided we must make these changes for the betterment of the company and the good of our customers. 


Our Price Increase

The first decision we made was related to our price. After evaluating our product, and our service that we were offering we realized we were short-changing our customers. In an attempt to offer the lowest possible price we sacrificed the very thing we treasured the highest, our support. Being a U.S. based company we naturally have higher expenses than other locations, and employing support staff was more expensive, but we believed in providing jobs here and I wanted to keep everything as local as I possibly could. That meant when we lowered our price we had to cut corners somewhere so that meant our support suffered. We could not provide the level of dedicated attention to each customer that I envisioned for our customers. This hurt deeply but I was torn because I wanted to offer the most affordable product possible, but after hearing feedback from our customers I made the decision that we needed to increase our price. 

Not only did we decide to increase our price but we decided to make it more simple as well. Instead of offering pricing tiers that penalize the lower levels we offer a single price that is easy to understand and offers the greatest support and access to updates to all customers equally.

By raising our price we could once again provide the level of support and attention to each customer that I envisioned for our company. But I had bigger plans, I didn't want to stop at just offering support for bug fixes I wanted to go ever greater. We will now be able to offer even better attention to each customer and provide custom theming, on-website help, and more. That leads me to our next change.

Our approach to Joomla! component selling

I noticed as I provided support for JForce that every site looked different. That's one of the beautiful aspects of such a great CMS like Joomla!, every site can look unique. That is normally a good thing, unless like us, you're selling a component. Components extend the core Joomla! functionality and provide a fantastic way to add tremendous add-ons to your site. But each component has its own style, its own CSS, its own colors and fonts. This wreaks havoc on a website. Your site loses its uniformity, its cohesiveness and you lose the appearance of professionalism. This bothered me greatly. As a designer I was distressed that the look of these sites fell apart, and as a business owner I was frustrated that I felt these sites were hurting the businesses instead of helping them. And I decided to make a change.

You should not have to sacrifice your site look to be able to use a component. Rather the component should complement your site and blend seamlessly with your site design. As part of our fresh start we are offering custom theming included in the price. 

When you buy JForce you are buying more than a zip file. You are buying a powerful system that will be themed to fit your business and your website. At no additional cost. I believe that this will make sure that JForce works for you, and will be a beautiful and significant improvement to your website and your Joomla! design.

Our extended support term

This was a decision that we struggled with for a while. Previously we offered 6 months support, but we have now doubled that to 12 months. JForce is a big system and can take some time to learn. Not only does it take time to learn a project management system as large as JForce but it may take a while to implement. Businesses don't change overnight, and I heard time and time again that customers had lost access to support before being able to fully implement JForce; and I didn't like that. 

I am excited to offer to all customers our new support length of 12 full months. That means all customers now have access to dedicated support, one-on-one help, on-website assistance, and total access to updates, bug fixes, and new versions for an entire year. 

In conclusion

I hope that the above provides better insight into the decisions we've made, why we made them, and how they will benefit you. I am extremely excited to see the future of JForce and how this new approach will revolutionize the Joomla! marketplace. I truly hope to see other commercial component developers begin to offer similar services. Let's see Joomla! websites become objects of beauty and assets to the company and less of a patchwork mismatch of a variety of components. 

If you have questions or would like more information, I am available to answer your questions. You can email me, Skype me, or even give me a call. I look forward to the coming year and how we can provide you the absolute best Joomla! component, and best Joomla! project management component ever.

Thank you for reading,
David Hurley