What is the value of support? How do you price support when looking at a product to purchase? I think support is one of the things that has changed the most with the abundance of freemium model products. It is not uncommon to see an amazing product that has taken tremendous resources to create given away for free. How do those companies stay in business? Some sell additional services, some focus on larger enterprise customers and try to win over the masses by giving away their product. And quite honestly, some have no idea how to monetize their product. They simply believe that if they get enough users, eventually they'll somehow be profitable. 

JForce has gone through many changes in the past 5 years. We've learned a lot about sales, marketing, Joomla!, and most importantly - support! Support is king in the world of software sales. I will be the first to admit we stumbled out of the gate with JForce and support. When we began JForce (as Extreme Joomla) we never anticipated the type of response that we received. We exploded onto the Joomla! scene and quickly found we had more business than we expected. Almost immediately we had a problem. JForce is such a comprehensive project management system it was difficult for people to learn at first. There were so many nuances, features, and applications for JForce that it was overwhelming. As a result people wanted advice, help, and support. And we couldn't meet the demand.


We did our best to offer great support. I honestly believe each of us wanted to offer unmatched support and dedication to each customer. But we failed. We didn't have the resources ready to handle each client as we wanted. As the product suffered so did our reputation. We struggled through staff changes, pricing variations and a host of other issues. We tried lowering our price to win more clients, but this did more harm then good as we then had even less resources to offer the support that our customers desperately wanted.

Finally, I did something I should have done long ago. I started fresh. I sat down and figured out exactly what it would take to offer our customers exactly what they deserved. And launched our new site and our new focus. We are no longer the cheapest solution available for project management. But we are the best and most dedicated to supporting our product. And sometimes that means more than a $99 price tag. We now work with each customer to setup JForce to fit their business, offering live support, on-site assistance, and one-on-one help. I don't believe I've seen another extension company that brags about offering that level of support. And I'm excited. 

Support may not be cheap, and it may cost a bit more than the free alternatives, but in the end with JForce you'll get the dedicated help and assistance to make sure that JForce is successfully implemented in your business, and you have less headaches. And that is priceless.