We've written extensive documentation to help you better use JForce in your business. We know it's overwhelming when you are just getting started and JForce is a complex system. We've tried to be comprehensive in our approach and provide detailed information about the various aspects of JForce, but we're not perfect either. If you see something we've missed or if there are other areas that you have questions about that you can't seem to find or figure out This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are happy to provide assistance and support. Our goal is your business success and we want to give you a tool to help you. Note: all JForce documentation may be found here

Admin Documentation

Webmasters and site admins, this documentation is for you. Find help here to configure your JForce system, setup your employees and their access roles, define project templates, setup payment gateways, and email content.

User Documentation

We've also put together documentation geared for the standard user. Find out how to access projects, manage your milestones and tasks, add your time, upload documents, and customize your dashboard

Developer Documentation

If you're a developer and understand PHP, HTML, CSS and most importantly - Joomla! then this documentation is for you. Read articles on how to extend JForce, modify core JForce functionality, and make code changes to the site.