The JForce dashboard allows you to quickly see the items most relevant to you. Your dashboard is broken into three major sections.

Upcoming Events

The first section (shown below) allows you to see upcoming events.

You will notice that the calendar shows you the next 7 days and any items that are assigned to you. In the above example several tasks are displayed. Hovering over these items will give you a tool tip with more information to help you quickly see the details of the task.  This way you can quickly see items that need your attention as well as the project they are on, due dates, summaries, and other important information.

Unread Messages

The next section of the dashboard shows you any unread messages that you have in your inbox. You can quickly read the subjects and see who the message is from and jump right to that message from your dashboard.

Starred Items

The last section of the dashboard will show you any item that you've starred. This provides you with the ability to keep close tabs on the items you think are most relevant. Unlike the Upcoming Events, the starred items are items you select as important.