The company list view allows a user to view a list of all the companies that he or she has access to. You can see the address, telephone numbers, and homepage for the company as well as a company image if one has been set. Clicking the name of the company will take you to the Company Overview page for that company. If your Access Role allows you to create, edit, or delete companies then you will see New, Edit, and Delete buttons, respectively, on the list view as well. See the picture below.




Quick Jump

Clicking your mouse in the Quick Jump box, located to the right of the Alphanumeric Filter, will bring up a dropdown list of all the companies you are able to see. Selecting a company in the Quick Jump list will take you straight to the overview page for that company.




Alphanumeric Filter

Clicking a link in the Alphanumeric Filter will filter the list by companies that begin with that letter or number.


The Company Edit view allows users to make changes to a company. You can also upload an image for the company, remove the current image, and add or remove assignees.



To upload a new image for the company, simply click the Upload link under the image on the right. A modal window will pop up where you can browse for the image to use. Once you find the image, click the Save button on the top right of the modal and your image will be applied to the company.



You should see the change right away. If you want to remove the image, simply click the Remove link below the image.



If your Access Role allows you to assign users, you will see a Manage button to the right of Assignees on the company form. Clicking this button will pop up the Assign Users modal window.


The list of users on the left of the window will be restricted by your Access Role. To assign a person to the company you can either double-click the person's name in the list or select the person and click the arrow in the middle of the window. The user(s) will now appear in the right side of the window. Click Save to save your changes.



The list of assigned users will now show under Assignees.


The company overview displays all of the details about a company as well as a list of people in the company. Please note that you will only be able to see people in the company that your Access Role allows.




If your Access Role allows you to create or delete companies then you will see a drop-down list named Options. Mousing over the list will reveal the Edit Company and Delete Company links. If your Access Role allows you to create people, you will also see a New User link on the Options drop-down menu. Clicking the New User link will take you to the person form where you can add a new person to the company.




If the Security Level on your Access Role is higher than the Security Level on a person's Access Role then you will see their role as a drop-down list. You can change their role by selecting a new value in the list.