The project list view allows a user to view a list of all the projects that he or she has access to. For each project, you can see who the leader is, what client the project is for, and a graphical representation of the progress of tasks and milestones within. You can click on the project leader's name to view more details about that person if your permissions allow. The same is true for the client company. You can click on the name of a project to view the project overview or you can click on the edit link and checkbox to go directly to an edit layout for that project. The star icon to the left of the project name will be gray if you have not marked the project as starred or orange if you have. You can click on the star icon to toggle whether or not the project is starred by you. See the picture below.




Status Filter

The project status drop-down list below the "Projects" title to filter your projects by status. Simply clicking a value in the Status Filter will refresh the page and only show projects with the selected status.


Quick Jump

The Quick Jump feature allows you to jump to the overview for a specific project simply by starting to type the name in the Quick Jump box located next to the Alpha Filter. If you have many projects, the Quick Jump will save you the time of having to scroll through pages of projects to find the one you want.


Alphanumeric Filter

Clicking a link in the Alphanumeric Filter will filter the list by projects that begin with that letter or number.