The task List view displays all of the tasks in the current project that you have access to view. Tasks in the list view are grouped by category. You can see in the image below that we have tasks in two separate categories: General and Project Milestones. Categories are managed in the administrator panel. If your access role allows you to create new categories, then you will be able to create a category from the form view. See the Task Form page for more details on creating categories. The list displays the name of the task, the author and date the task was created, priority, due date, and action icons.

The check mark icon will be green if the task has been completed or gray if the task is still active. Clicking on the check mark icon will toggle the completion status for that task. The envelope icon is blue if there are assignees on the task or grayed out if there are no assignees. Clicking on the envelope icon for a task with assignees will pop up a modal window allowing you to send a customizable email reminder to all assignees on that task. The third and final icon is the time clock. Clicking this icon will pop up a modal window allowing you to log time for the task. Only users who are on the project will be available in the modal. Once you save a time from the modal, a fresh time modal will be loaded so you can keep adding more times. If you do not wish to add more times, simply close the modal and you will be back at the task list.

The star icon to the left of the task name will be gray if you have not marked the task as starred or orange if you have. You can click on the star icon to toggle whether or not the task is starred by you. Starred items will display on your Dashboard.


Category Filter

The category filter is located at the top of the list just below the "Tasks" title. Selecting a value from the drop-down will filter the list by the chosen category.


Status Filter

The status filter is located at the top of the list on the right-hand side. Selecting a tab on the status filter will filter the list by the chosen status. For example, clicking the "Active" tab will display only those tasks that have not been completed yet.


Quick Jump

The quick jump field is located directly below the status filter. Left-click the mouse in the quick jump field to see a drop-down list of all tasks. Selecting a value in the quick jump field will take you directly to the overview page for that item. If you know the name of the item you wish to view, begin typing in the quick jump field and the drop-down list will show only results that match what you type.


Alphanumeric Filter

Clicking a link in the Alphanumeric Filter will filter the list by tasks that begin with that letter or number.