The Invoice List displays all of the invoices in the current project that you have access to view. The list displays the name of the invoice, the date the invoice was created, and the total cost on the invoice. If you are allowed to view private items then any invoices marked as private will have an eye icon next to the name. The star icon to the left of the invoice name will be gray if you have not marked the invoice as starred or orange if you have. You can click on the star icon to toggle whether or not the invoice is starred by you. Starred items will display on your Dashboard.


Status Filter

The status filter is located at the top of the list on the right-hand side. Selecting a tab on the status filter will filter the list by the chosen status. For example, clicking the "Paid" tab will display only those invoices that have been paid.


Quick Jump

Clicking your mouse in the Quick Jump box, located to the right of the Alphanumeric Filter, will bring up a drop-down list of all the invoices on the current project that you are able to see. Selecting a invoice in the Quick Jump list will take you straight to the overview page for that invoice.

invoice-list-quickjumpAlphanumeric Filter

Clicking a link in the Alphanumeric Filter will filter the list by quotes that begin with that letter or number.


The Invoice Form is displayed when you are creating a new invoice or modifying an existing one. When creating a new invoice, you will see a layout similar to the image below. The Name and Description fields are self-explanatory. The Milestone field uses the Autocomplete functionality. When you begin typing in this field, milestones with names matching what you have typed will appear in a drop-down list. When the field is empty, clicking in it once will function the same as a normal select list (i.e. all values will be shown). Milestones are optional for invoices. The Tags field allows you to add a tag to the invoice. Tags can be used to quickly search related items.

The Valid Until field is used to set a date on which the invoice expires. The Visibility radio buttons determine whether or not this invoice is marked as private. Users can only see private items if their access role allows. The Payment Status list is used to mark the invoice as paid, unpaid, or refunded. The status will be automatically updated when online payments are made, but it is useful if you accept offline payments or if you need to manually refund the invoice. The Payment Method list determines which payment method should be used when the client pays the invoice online. The method set as default in the Payment Gateways section of the administrator panel will be selected by default on a new invoice form.

The Notify Assignees checkbox is available if the invoice currently has assignees or if your Access Role allows you to assign people (in which case, you will also see a Manage button to the right of Assignees). If the Notify Assignees box is checked then an email notification will be sent to all assignees when the invoice is saved, provided that you have defined email templates for invoices. Clicking the Manage button will pop up a modal window where you can assign and/or unassign people to the invoice.


Adding Time To An Invoice

The time section is displayed below the invoice details. This section allows you to add billable times to the invoice. Click the "Add Time" button to add one or more time entries.


Clicking the "Add Time" button pops up a modal window with a list of billable times on the project. Please note that if a time is already associated with an invoice then it will not be available in the list to be added to other invoices. Select the checkbox next to the name of each time entry that you would like to add to the invoice.


Clicking the "Add" button on the Add Times modal will add the times to the current invoice. Clicking the red X icon to the left of a time will remove it from the invoice. The Rate field allows you to enter the rate at which the client should be charged for each time entry. After you enter a rate, the Total value for that time entry will be updated. The total for all time entries will be listed at the bottom of the invoice.


Adding Services To An Invoice

The services section is displayed below the time section. This section allows you to add services rendered to the invoice. Click the "Add Service" button to add a new row. You can click the "Update Totals" button at any time to re-calculate the values for all times and services.


Service Autocompleter

The service field uses the Autocomplete functionality. When you begin typing in this field, services with names matching what you have typed will appear in a drop-down list. When the field is empty, clicking in it once will function the same as a normal select list (i.e. all values will be shown).


Editing A Service Description

When a service is added to an invoice, the description and price fields are populated with the default data for that service. Clicking the "Edit" link below the description will pop up a modal window allowing you to edit the description for the chosen service. Please note that this will only change the description for the service on the current invoice. The default description for the original service will remain untouched.


Saving the new description will close the modal and replace the description on the form with the one you just set. The Quantity field allows you to define how many times each service was rendered. The Price field is filled in with the stored value for the service, but you can change it as you see fit. The Subtotal for each service is calculated by multiplying the quantity by the price. The Discount field allows you to discount each service by a percentage or dollar amount. The Tax list allows you to add tax to each service. The Total field is calculated by subtracting the discount from the subtotal and adding the tax.


Create A Service On The Fly

Services are manged from the Services section of the administrator panel. You can also create a new service from the invoice form by typing the unique name for the service into the Autocomplete field. When you leave the field, or when you press the return key in most browsers, a confirmation dialog will ask if you would like to create the service. Selecting "Cancel" will close the dialog and clear the service field. Selecting "Ok" will pop up a modal window allowing you create the service.


The New Service modal allows you to set the name, price and description for the service you are adding. The name field will be pre-filled with the name you typed in the autocompleter field earlier, but you can change it if you wish. Saving the service will close the modal, store the service to the database, and add the service to the invoice form.


Time And Service Details

Once you have added time entries and services to an invoice, the form below the details section will look similar to the image below. The totals block at the bottom shows the subtotal for all time entries, a sum of all the service subtotals, discounts, and taxes, and the grand total for the entire invoice.


The Invoice Overview displays all information for an invoice. The invoice name, Options list, star and print buttons are shown at the top of the overview. Clicking on the star will toggle whether or not the invoice is starred by you. Starred items will have an orange star icon throughout JForce and will show up on your Dashboard. Clicking the print button will display the overview in a popup window. This allows you to print just the overview and not the rest of the information on your site.

The next section displays the contact information for the owner company and the client company. The top-right section of the overview displays the unique invoice number and the Valid Until date. Below this section you will see the name of the Project that the invoice is on. Clicking on the project name will take you to the Project Overview page. If the invoice is associated with a Milestone then the milestone name will be listed below the project. If you are able to view the milestone then it will be shown as a link that you can click to view the Overview page for that milestone. If there are Assignees on the invoice then their names will be listed below the milestone. Each assignee's name will be shown as a link if you are allowed to view details about that person.

The Invoice Description is displayed next, followed by any Times or Services on the invoice. Each time row will show the name of the user, a description for the time entry, the task that the entry is associated with, the number of hours, the monetary rate per hour, and the total cost for the entry. Each service row will show the name of the service, a description of the service, the number of times that service was performed, the service subtotal, and the service total including any discounts or taxes. Below the times and services you will see the totals for times, services, and the grand total.

At the bottom of the invoice overview you will see the contact details for the owner company. The address is formatted using the Address Separator you set in the General Configuration from the administrator panel.




The Options drop-down will only be available if there are assignees on the invoice or if your access role allows you to create invoices. Clicking the Edit Invoice link will take you to the invoice form where you can edit the details of the invoice. See the Invoice Form page for more details on editing an invoice. Clicking the Remind Assignees button will pop up a modal window allowing you to send a customized email reminder to all of the assignees. Clicking the Copy Invoice link will allow you to create a copy of the invoice.



At the bottom of the overview page, you will see a list of any comments that have been made on the invoice. The comment heading

invoice-overview-commentsComment Attachments

If there are attachments on a comment, you can click the link to download the file. If the attachment is an image then hovering over the link will display a tooltip with a thumbnail preview of the image.