The Time Form allows you to create or edit a time entry. The Summary text area describes what the time was spent on and utilizes a rich-text editor. Clicking the calendar icon next to the Date field will allow you to set the year, month, and day for which the time will be recorded. The Hours field allows you to specify the number of hours spent. The Billable radio buttons allow you to specify whether or not the time can be billed to an invoice. When editing a time entry, the Billed Status will display the billed status icon and text.


User List

The User drop-down list allows you to choose which user the time will be recorded for. If you are within a project, you will only see users who are assigned to the project.


Task List

The Task drop-down list allows you to choose which task the time is associated with.


Project List

The Project drop-down list will only display if you are not within a project. Choosing a project from the list will associate the time with that project and the Task list will be repopulated with tasks from that project.