The Messages List view displays messages you have sent and messages that have been sent to you. To view your messages, click the Inbox tab. If you do not have any messages in your Inbox, it will display "No Messages".


To view your sent messages, click the Sent Items tab. If you have not sent any messages, it will display "No Messages".


To send a message, click the New button at the top of the page. Once your message has been sent, it will show up under your Sent Items.


When you are creating a new message, you will be presented with a blank form. The available fields are To, Subject, and Body.


First, select a user from the To drop-down list. The available users will depend on your access permissions.


Once you have selected a user to send the message to, go ahead and fill out the subject and body of the message.


If you decide that you do not want to send this message, click the Discard button at the top of the page. Otherwise, click Send to send the message. This message will now appear under your Sent Items in the Message List view.

The Message Overview displays details about a message. If you sent the message, you will see who the message was sent to, the date it was sent, and the subject and body of the message. If you are the recipient of this message then you will see who the message was sent from rather than who it was sent to. If your Access Permissions allow you to view the sender/receiver then their name will show up as a link. Clicking the person's name will take you to the Person Overview page for that person.