The Trash List view displays all of the items that have been trashed that you have access to view. If your Access Role permits you to create items, you will see a Restore button at the top of the list. You can restore one or more items by selecting the checkbox to the left of each item and clicking Restore. If your Access Role permits you to delete items, you will see a Delete button at the top of the list. You can delete one or more items by selecting the checkbox to the left of each item and clicking Delete. Please note that only project items are able to be trashed. People and Companies are deleted permanently and do not show up in the trash.


Clicking a link in the Alphanumeric Filter will filter the list by items that begin with that letter or number. To remove the filter, simply click All.


Selecting a value in the Type drop-down list will filter the list such that only trashed items of that type will be shown.


If your user has assignment privileges you will see an area on each edit screen that looks like the following:

Here you will see each person that has been assigned to this item as well as the Manage assignees button. Clicking on the Manage assignees button will open a modal window.

From this screen you can select people to be assigned to the item that you are on. The list on the left hand side of the window will display all users that are available to be assigned to this item. These people are grouped by their company. You can either double click on each person you want to add or you can single-click on them and then click on the arrow in the middle of the screen to add those people to the assigned list.

The assigned list on the right shows all people that are currently assigned to the item that you are on. Next to each row is a small remove icon that you can click to remove that person from that item. This will un-assign that user from the item that you are on.

When you are done making your selections you will need to click the save button at the top right corner of the screen to save the assignee list and return to the item view.After returning to the item view you will see an updated list of assignees. These assignees will be finally added as assignees to the item when you save the item.

JForce has created a new type of input field. We've labeled it the AutoCompleter-Creator or ACC for short. The ACC is used multiple places throughout JForce. The first usage where you will find it is on the list view of items within a project.

The ACC is located next to the Alpha filter at the top of each list view. This usage of the ACC will help you quickly jump to a specific item. Simply begin typing the name of the item and JForce will begin offering suggestions based on the text you entered. When you see the item you want simply hit enter, or select from the drop down and JForce will automatically redirect you immediately to that item.

The second use of the ACC is for field selection when creating or editing an item. When used here this field will take your input and begin making suggestions for possible items. If you find the item you want, simply select it from the list or finish typing the word yourself. If the item you enter does not exist and your user has the ability to create that item then the ACC will notify you that the item does not exist and provide you with the opportunity to create it via a modal window.

This field allows for you to quickly create dependent items without ever having to leave the item you're currently creating or editing.

Coming soon...

Within JForce, users are able to upload their picture to their user profile and to their company. These pictures are displayed on the person and company overview pages. Thumbnails are also displayed in the list views next to the person or company name. For users, their profile picture thumbnail is also displayed above the JForce Menu in the user profile section.

The Gravatar plugin allows your employees and clients to use their avatar at  instead of manually uploading an image. Their avatar image will only be retrieved from Gravatar if they have a Gravatar account set up with the email address being used in JForce.

Without the Gravatar plugin enabled, your users will have the default silhouette image next to their names if they have not manually uploaded an avatar. In the image below, the company has had an image uploaded but the Joe Wilson user does not have an image uploaded.


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